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Our token is at the forefront of innovation, designed to power the next generation of AI services. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, our token isn't just a digital asset; it's the key to accessing cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities.

With our token, you can harness the full potential of our AI platform, enabling seamless access to advanced data transformation, AI-driven solutions, and more. Say goodbye to the limitations of conventional currencies and embrace the future of intelligent technology.

Join us as we redefine the way AI and blockchain converge, creating a new era of possibilities. Explore the limitless potential of our token and experience the future today."


What tasks can be solved with WaveGPT

Text Information Analysis

The language model will assist in analyzing textual information, allowing you to obtain summarized results based on accumulated textual data, including information from work chats, user reviews, and other data sources. This analysis will help you both systematize and comprehend the meaning of the provided information.

Content Creation

Enhance the efficiency of text creation processes, improve their quality and structure. Generate content according to predefined templates for informational newsletters, product descriptions in online stores, and other applications.


Enhance the functionality of your chatbot in customer support by training it to respond to various user queries, including both standard and more complex questions.

AI WavePhoto

Maximize Your Photo Potential

Quality Enhancement and Resolution Increase

Improve clarity and noise reduction at the highest quality level. Enhance detail by creating realistic elements. Effective in processing complex subjects such as faces and text.


Correct Lighting

Address lighting-related issues arising from a combination of different light sources and a wide dynamic range..


Remove Distractions

Eliminate distracting elements from your local hardware.

AI WaveVideo

Transform Your Ideas into Dynamic Visuals


Turn Text into Video in Minutes

Achieve natural-sounding AI voices in over 120 languages. Enhance the appeal of your videos by choosing from more than 140 AI avatars. Edit content as easily as a slide presentation, requiring no special expertise.


AI-Powered Motion Tracking

This application enables you to identify and blur faces for privacy or insert comical facial images to create meme videos, depending on your preferences.


Background Removal

Automatic background removal using artificial intelligence is an innovative technology that effortlessly and quickly eliminates backgrounds from images or videos. This powerful feature can distinguish foreground objects and exclude the background, creating a striking and professional result.

AIWave Features

AIWave Best Features

AIWave Tokens: Unleash the Potential of AI-Powered Services in a Secure, Decentralized Environment.

AI-Powered Personalization

The system adapts to each user's needs, providing personalized recommendations and solutions based on their preferences and requests.

Real-Time Predictive Analytics

With built-in machine learning algorithms, your system can predict future events and trends in real-time, helping users make more informed decisions.

Blockchain-Powered Security

Utilizing blockchain technology ensures a high level of security and transparency for all transactions and operations within your system.

Decentralized Data Storage

Users can store and manage their data in a decentralized blockchain environment, giving them full control over their information.

AI-Driven Decision Support

The system offers users tools and recommendations for making important business and financial decisions, relying on big data analysis and artificial intelligence.

Seamless Integration

Your system seamlessly integrates with other applications and platforms, ensuring smooth interaction and usability across various domains.

Token Sales

Discover the Power of AIWave Tokens

AIWave Token Sales introduce an exciting opportunity to access our cutting-edge AI services. Unlike traditional funding methods, we are offering a unique chance to claim 1 million tokens for free as a part of our community giveaway.

Exchange Rate

1 AIWave Token = 0.10 USD

Private Sales

1 AIWave Token = 0.10 USD

Bonus 30% (1.30)

Public Sales

1 AIWave Token = 0.10 USD

Bonus 20% (1.20)



Ave. Invest(USD) : 1200

Pivot Points

1 AIWave Token = 0.10 USD


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Slippage Tolerance

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  • Soft Cap
  • Crowdsale
  • Hard Cap


Stratagy & Roadmap

At AIWave, we're revolutionizing AI access. We start with 1 million AIWave Tokens, unlocking limitless AI potential. Our vision: seamless AI integration into daily life, powered by AIWave Tokens.

Q4 2023

AIWave Launch

Launching our innovative AIWave platform.

Commencing the distribution of AIWave Tokens to early users.

Q1 2024

Community and Tech Development

Attracting new users and partners.

Continuous improvement of AIWave algorithms.

Q3 2024

Corporate Sector Integration

Expanding the use of AIWave Tokens in corporate applications.

Establishing partnerships with enterprises and organizations.

Q2 2025

Global AIWave Rollout

Mass adoption of AIWave Tokens in everyday life.

Expanding the geographic reach of AIWave on a global scale.

Market Trend

+0.36% Market up in the last 24 hours

# Currency $ Price 24H Change Market Cap. 24H Volume
Bitcoin BTC
$56461.8 2.05%
Dashcoin DASH
$177.15 -1.8%
Eosio EOS
$3.967 0.89%
Ethereum ETH
$4520.62 3.01%
Litecoin LTC
$268.65 0.02%
Tether USDT
$1 0%
Ripple XRP
$0.97 -2.2%
Tezos XTZ
$5.159 -0.01%

AIWave Mobile App

Your Gateway to AI

The Future in Your Hands

We aim to provide our innovative solutions not only on your computer but also in your pocket. Soon, our mobile app will be available for download, allowing you to access the power of AIWave anytime, anywhere. The AIWave mobile app is your gateway to the future that you can carry with you. Stay tuned for updates and be ready to experience it when it becomes available!

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Our Team

Our Expert Team at AIWave

Discover the driving force behind AIWave, a dedicated team of innovators, engineers, and visionaries shaping the future of AI-driven solutions.

Amy Clines

AI Research Scientist

David Alexon

Machine Learning Engineer

Thomas Water

Data Scientist

Ellen Walker

AI Architect

Investor Board

Sequoia Capital Europe

Index Ventures

Balderton Capital

Accel Partners


Question & Answer

Cryptocurrencies are used primarily outside existing banking governmental institutions and exchanged

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  • What is AIWave, and what project does it represent?

    AIWave is an innovative platform for accessing cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. We provide the opportunity to use AIWave Tokens to access the power of AI and bring new ideas to life.

  • How can I obtain AIWave Tokens?

    You can acquire AIWave Tokens through various methods, including participating in our token giveaway, purchasing them on exchanges, or taking part in our research programs.

  • What are the benefits of using AIWave Tokens?

    Using AIWave Tokens allows you to access advanced AI solutions and pay for services on our platform. Tokens can also be used to incentivize AI research.

  • Who is the team behind the AIWave project?

    Our team comprises experienced professionals in the fields of artificial intelligence and technology. You can find out more about our team in the "Our team" section.


  • What is the AIWave ICO?

    The AIWave ICO is a fundraising campaign where we offer participants the opportunity to acquire AIWave Tokens to support the development of our artificial intelligence platform.

  • How can I participate in the AIWave ICO?

    You can participate in the AIWave ICO by following our official announcements and instructions on our website. We will provide detailed information on the participation and token purchase process.

  • What are the benefits of participating in the AIWave ICO?

    Participating in the AIWave ICO allows you to acquire AIWave Tokens at a more favorable price and become part of our community. Tokens can be used to access our AI solutions and other services.

  • What will be the duration of the AIWave ICO?

    The duration of the AIWave ICO will be specified in our official announcements and on our website. We will provide detailed information about the ICO timeline.





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Cryptocurrencies are used primarily outside existing banking governmental institutions and exchanged


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Cryptocurrencies are used primarily outside existing banking governmental institutions and exchanged


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